Have you experienced an issue with the way COVID-19 Industry Protocols are being practiced in an establishment?

The TBCSA, alongside its association partners, is committed to helping South African establishments and tourism activity providers in ensuring their guests safety at all times. We appreciate your time taken to bring issues to our attention and for giving us the opportunity to address them and rectify them with the establishment directly. All feedback submitted will be treated confidentially.

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    a. Masks or PPE not worn by staffb. Temperature not taken on entryc. Symptom screening questions not doned. Details not recorded for contact tracing purposese. Sanitisation protocols are not being followed (i.e hand sanitiser not provided, tables and chairs not sanitised, etc.)f. Social distancing measures are not enforcedg. Alcohol sales laws are not being adhered toh. Curfew laws are not being adhered toi. Other – please describe in the field below