SIX Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

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Busy cosmopolitan cocktail bar that rocks Melville, Johannesburg… Over 11 years old, and still the most popular Cocktail Bar in Joburg… Super Cocktails, cool people, place for networking & to meet single people & locals Set in the heart of Melville it is the trendy cocktail bar you don’t want to miss out on. We are open daily from 12pm til 2am. The best news ever is that Happy Hour is 7 hours, starting from 12pm till 7pm. Seven hours of fun where cocktails are 2 for the price of 1. With 60 different cocktails to choose from you sure have no reason to be bored with the mundane. Be daring try all of them at least once…just not on the same day! Added to this is our selection of great tasting meals to choose from. The kitchen closes at 1 am…giving you that extra three hours for a great meal, which makes us a firm favourite for all those who enjoy the nightlife of Melville. Nightlife is one of the attractions of Melville…a world of it’s own, with a vibrant atmosphere that permeates the entire area and attracts hundreds. Come join in the fun, experience the vibe and you will keep coming back for more Free unlimited WiFi access